The Woman Who Isn’t There

THE WOMAN WHO ISN’T THERE   – The Disappearance of Alice Martin

Alice Martin is a seemingly normal suburban housewife. Then she attends a party and is never seen again. Her husband, Professor Jack Martin, is the prime suspect in her disappearance, but Detective Sergeant Nic Rysakov isn’t so sure.  Unfortunately for DS Rysakov the case turns cold: nobody saw her at the party and nobody saw her leave. Alice Martin is a mystery. There are simply no leads, except for one.  When three hundred million dollars is stolen from an investment bank in Nassau, DS Rysakov seeks the help of Will Callaghan, CEO of the Natalyia Trust. He reluctantly follows the money trail, a trail that leads to the inner sanctums of the international corporate world, a high stakes world of secrets, revenge, prostitution, insider trading, and murder. A world where, even with six degrees of separation, nobody is safe.

Who is Alice Martin?

ISBN: 978-0-9875445-8-2


Reader Reviews

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Don Wilson, ex-military, retired CEO  – June 3, 2013

I’ve just finished reading “The Woman Who Isn’t There”. Congratulations I found it a fantastic book and a great read. My judgment of a good book is one that once I start reading I can’t stop. This was my experience with “The Woman Who Isn’t There” as I read it over three days.

I found the story intriguing and free flowing and I found myself being immersed amongst the characters, trying to solve the mystery as I read each page.

I must now read your first book and I will look forward to your third book.

By Steve Lockwood,  Business Consultant  June 18, 2013

Kindle Edition

This is the second book I have read of Geoffrey Lambert and I have to say I am eagerly awaiting the next. Could hardly put this down, seat of the pants read for sure.
Had me guessing about Alice’s whereabouts and my guesses were wrong most of the time! Nice plot. Actually hope they make this into a movie, would be great.

By Philip D-B, Sydney, June 23, 2013

Kindle Edition

I was thoroughly engrossed. Read it in a day – couldn’t put it down. A great read which had me guessing right until the end. Nice little twist though.