God Was Wrong – Tales of the divine, the devil and the deep blue sea

God Was Wrong is an entertaining, imaginative and irreverent collection of short stories.

 God is in the news daily. Does this really matter? Well, yes, because as the seven word introduction  in the book points out, ‘God is what man says he is’, and this is the root cause of most of the troubles in the world today. 

 The title story, God Was Wrong, won Best Murder Story in The Australian Literary Review, November 2011. A stranger with a gun explains to the Chief Scientist at the particle collider installation that God was wrong, and that is the reason he is there. Whether or not the scientist understands soon becomes irrelevant.

The stories range from the killing grounds of Iraq, to the ocean of the great white shark, to the Russian Easter festival, the approach of death, to beyond the theory of quantum mechanics, to plots hatched by the devil, and a touch of evil in The End of God.

The God Idea explains the existence of God and the formation of the universe. Perhaps faith in God is not incompatible with science after all; but on the other hand …

So, what if God really was wrong? Or is God a woman? And what about the devil, is he just mischievous or is he really malicious ? Or is God just the devil in a good mood?

Tales of love, hate, murder, evil and everything in between tackle this complex and controversial subject in an enjoyable and thought provoking manner.





“Have only read the fist tale so far but love it. My favourite of your work so far…” – Greg Quirk, Hedge Fund Manager.