With Napoleon In Russia

by  duc de Vicence Armand-Augustin-Louis de Caulaincourt.

General Caulaincourt was at Napoleon’s side throughout the magnificent assault and the disasterous winter retreat. When the horses froze to death he walked. As the once mighty French army moved, humiliated, through Poland and as they limped back into Paris, he was there. This is not a history book. It is military history as it should be writ; by an accute observor who, with minimum of gloss and spin, tells the reader how it really was.
Don’t be put off by the archaic lanuage, the translation from the original French is good and after a few pages you get into the swing. He is both admiring and critical of Napoleon. In fact, for stdents of the Emperor this book provide valuable insights into what dove the man and his considerable ego. I found it hard to put down, but then I am fascinated by Napoleon and military campaigns.