The Fall of Giants


Ken Follett is a good story teller. Yet, as other reviewers have noted, in this book (as distinct from the medieval stories), the characters are a little thin. The ‘events’ to bring the threads of the plot to knit together are at times contrived. The tapestry he weaves is very broad covering the end of the Victorian era to the aftermath of WW I (the start of the socialist era). Perhaps following one main family as the core of the story may have helped, since all of the main Western countries of the period feature in the plot.

If you want to read a good yarn and have an interest in the broad relationships and trends – political and social – that occurred at this time, then you will enjoy it. A number of the characters are a bit stereotyped, but this is overcome by the author’s readable style. I’ll probably buy the next volume in the trilogy.

I read this on a Kindle – a lot easier to hold (its a heavy book!) and finished it in a week.