The Double Eagle

by  James Twining

This is a good, fast paced story about the passion for owning rarities, in this case the `double eagle’. This is one of the (THE?) rarist coins in the world – the 1933 USA twenty dollar gold coin. Why is it so rare? Because all the coins made were melted down before being distributed. But were they ?
The hero, trained by the CIA, who then decide to liquidate him (for plausible reasons you’ll only find out if you read the book), has become a professional cat-burglar. He steals to order. When a double eagle comes on the market in curious circumstances the security agencies must recovery it and decide they need the best there is, you guessed it, our hero.
This is a perfect book to read on an aircraft or on holiday. It gets you in and refuses to be put down. I’ll look out for Twining’s next.